Our system allows for first-time crypto traders to leverage the benefits of the crypto and stock markets while minimizing exposure to risks that normally plague new investors

Market-makers are the community leaders. They are individuals with the ability to create networks and contracts. They have a verified track record of showing commendable performance in profit-making at any of the top crypto-exchanges.

We enable users to self-regulate the terms of service exchanges offered via smart contracts without exposing a new investor to sending assets to a broker.



  • Inflated Claims

    A popular mechanism to attract new clients is the use cross channel promotions to attract new individuals

  • Time Management

    Traditional markets are usually 5 days a week, a hours a day. Unlike traditional stock markets, cryptocurrency tradin

  • Trust

    Multiple new comers to the industry have been scammed and have had their wallets emptied by supposed market makers who they believed to be credible.


Backed by the EOS blockchain

We enable users to self regulate the terms of service exchanges offered via the use of smart contracts without exposing a new investor to sending his assets to a market maker or loosi

Market makers

will be given the ability to onboard their existing relationships and guide other members on the platform in their day to day trading with more granular contro


will be given a viable solution where they can search and request to join networks created by market makers, while confirming the legitimacy and performan


Our system allows for new venturers into the trading world to leverage the benefits of crypto trading while having a minimized amount of exposure to the abundance of risk that normally come attached with these practices.

For Market Makers